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Hair; Tooth; Mouth

No.Item descriptionQuantityUSD Price
1.Seven Treasures (7 ingredients) Polygonum Hair Nourishing Formula - economy 500 tablets62.80
2.Seven Treasures (7 ingredients) Polygonum Hair Nourishing Formula  - small60 tablets18.70
3.Genuine Candle Nut (Roasted) Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil 85 ml24.90
4.Firdaus Facial Hair, Eyebrow, Sideburns, Moustach, Beard Growth Oil 25 ml16.80
5.Polygonum Hair and teeth Nourishing Powder300 grams26.80
6.100% Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) Powder 215 grams24.80
1.Thai Herbal Tooth Polish and Gum  Massage Powder 40 grams 10.80
2.Siddha Medicine Tooth Medicine Powder 15 grams x 311.80
3.Mouth and Body Odor Removal Jamu Formula 300 pills / 60 caps16.70
4.Polygonum Hair and Teeth Nourishing Powder300 grams25.50
5.Siddha Medicine Tampcol Hair and Scalp Strengthening Tonic 250 ml23.70OFS