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Siddha medicine Gopal tooth medicine
Remove stains, prevents and treats gum diseases

Suvi and company
15 grams x 3
Madurai / India

Also known as Gopal tooth medicine, this packet of dried herbs is formulated from Siddha medicine (see below). More importantly, this medicinal powder treats and prevents common gum problems such as gingivitis. It prevents tooth decay, bad breath, bacterial built-up and also protects, strengthens and whitens teeth. It makes the smile attractive and adds beauty to the face. The ancient formula contains mild but effective herbal abrasives to gently remove stubborn stains. It is purplish grey in powder form.

[ Siddha medicine ]

Siddha system of medicine is based on Saiva Siddhantha. Siddha is a Tamil word that is derived from its root 'chit' which means perfection in life or "heavenly bliss".

Siddha science considers nature and man as essentially one. Nature is man and man is nature. Man is said to be the microcosm and Universe is the macrocosm because what exists in the world exists in man. Man is nothing but a miniature world containing the five elements of the various principles which constitute the minerals, vegetables and the animal kingdom. According to Siddha medical science, the Universe originally consisted of atoms which contributed to the five basic elements, viz., earth, water, fire, air and ether which correspond to the five senses of the human body and they were the fundamentals of all the corporeal things in the world.

A close relationship is found to exist between the external world and the internal system of man. Siddhars (practitioners of Siddha) maintain that the structure of the human body is a miniature world in itself. Man consumes water and food, breathes the air and thus maintains the heat in the body. He is alive on account of the life force given by ether. The earth is the first element which gives fine shape to the body including bones, tissues, muscles, skin, hair etc. Water is the second element representing blood, secretions of the glands, vital fluid etc. Fire is the third element that gives motion, vigor and vitality to the body. It also helps digestion, circulation and simulation besides respiration and the nervous system. Above all, ether is the characteristic of man's mental and spiritual faculties.

[ Ingredients ]

1. Kundung Katarrh 0-400%
2. Kirambu 0-100%
3. Neertha Sunnam 1-000%
4. Kuddukkai 0-400%
5. Lavangampattai 0-100%
6. Pooneer 1-500%
Plus sweetening agent, coloring agent and flavors.

It is lightly purple in colour with grains of other dried herbs. No chemicals and preservatives added.


myrobalan clovesolanum

[ How to use ]

Store the powder in a small container and dab the toothbrush head onto the powder and use. A little goes a long way. A packet will last for about a month of daily use. Brush and leave on tooth and gum for at least 45 seconds daily.

[ Siddha Medicine ]

Siddha medicinal system is one of the oldest systems of medicine on planet earth. It was developed by the famed Siddhars of South India. These Siddhars were said to be spiritually evolved beings who in their zeal to serve humanity developed this system, and it is a very dynamic one using herbs, minerals etc. The texts and manuscripts of this system is in Tamil, a language of rich literary heritage. Lack of translation into English and other languages resulted in this system being confined to Southern states of India. Efforts of the National Institute of Siddha to create an awareness of this system have started bearing fruit.

The basic philosophy of this system is akin to that of Ayurveda. It aims at re-establishing the lost harmony of vata, pitta and kapha in an individual. Hundreds of locally found herbs are used in making Siddha remedies which have been used to treat all sorts of diseases ranging from common cold to menstrual disorders to cancer.