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Thai herbal tooth whitener and gum treatment
Removes stains while giving your teeth and gum a spa treatment

Viset Niyom Manufactory
40 gram

Viset-Niyom Herbal Toothpowder is the first and the original toothpowder respected in Thailand for nearly a century. Its natural formula is completely free of potentially carcinogenic ingredients and other harmful preservatives and additives. Its natural formula derived from a time when beetle nut was widely used in rural areas and a time when education of oral hygiene was not practiced regularly. Viset niyom has proven to be very effective in the removal of stains left on the teeth from cigarettes, tea and coffee as well as a deterrent of plaque build-up and gingivitis.

The Viset Niyom tooth powder is more than a 'toothpaste'. This product, which is based on an excellent herbal formula, whitens tooth as well as treats tooth and gum problems:

[ Uses ]

1. Safely remove dental filth and stain on the tooth

2. Removes bad breath caused by bacterial infection or food debris.

3. Clears away emerging tartar.

4. Effective in improvement of enamel and dentine.

5. Prevention of deformities in tooth, increasing tooth life (prevents premature breakage)

6. Removes callus deposition on and in between teeth.
7. Improves brightness and luster of teeth Effective in removing the haliotosis (Bad breath).
8. Effective in preventing gingivitis (Gum swelling, bleeding Gums) and other gum disorders.

 Experience the difference within 7 days.

For sore gums and sensitive teeth, apply Viset Niyom tooth powder daily to wet fingers and gently massage. The difference in using a natural toothpaste ingredient versus a synthetic toothpaste will become evident as the teeth and gums get stronger with age while the latter becomes weaker. A toothpaste should not just be a cleaning agent, it should be on par with a spa treatment for the teeth and gums. Why should our teeth deserve any less than our skin?

Tooth whitener is ideal for tea, coffee and smokers.

[ Ingredients ]

1. Sea salt
2. Marl
3. Borneol camphor
4. Thai herbs combination

[ How to use ]

To use as tooth paste, apply to wet toothbrush. To treat sore gums and sensitive teeth, apply to wet finger and gently massage area. Viset-Niyom also clears up spots and blemishes and relieves itchy rashes. To use topically mix into a thin paste with water, and apply to face and body as needed.  A little goes a long way. A packet will last for about a month of daily use.