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Toad secretion anti fungal ointment
Anti- toxin smooth cream

Sin Siew Choon Tong
20 grams
Hong Kong

toad infection ointment

The toad secretion anti-fungal ointment is excellent for cuts, insect bites, minor burns, irritation, rashes, fungus growth, external piles, boils, sores and other skin infections. These include pus forming infections and hardened pus embedded infections. This unique formula is a good alternative to synthetic steroids and antibiotics. Common diagnosis are athelete's foot or yeast infections.

The toad will secrete a layer of serum over its skin to deter a predator. This substance, called bufonin, is used in small amounts to combat a wide variety of skin bacterium.

The cream is smooth and light, and does not smell. Transparent when applied. It can also be applied on a piece of lint and put over the affected area. Chang the lint occasionally.


 [ Active ingredients ]

Venenum Bufonis

Medicinal toad venom is the dried white secretion of the auricular glands and the skin glands of Bufo bufo gargarizans Cantor or Bufo melanotictus Bchneider, Bufonidae. It is traditionally acquired by stimulating the skin of the toad and when the substance is secreted, it is carefully scrapped off the skin and processed. After processing with other herbs, this famed formula is formed into a light odorless cream for application.

New developments in medical science has led to innovations such as:

  1. Biological dressing with frog's skin

  2. New drugs with toad secretions

[ Actions ]

  1. Removing toxic substances and promoting subsidence of swelling, itching and inflammation.

  2. This ingredient is traditionally used in the treatment of all kinds of carbuncle, cellulites and other skin and external diseases, and furunculosis. It is used in small quantity in traditional skin remedies.

  3. Also for use on rashes caused by insect bites.