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Fungal; eczema dissipation herbal lotion
Anti bacterial tincture to relieve fungal lesions and damp heat eczema

Wei Hui Shi Pu Li Bio Science Co. Ltd.
Zhen Zhou / China
Expiry: August 2018

Eczema tincture to treat eczema

A fast-acting and powerful anti-fungal/anti-bacterial formula developed by the China TCM Research Academy. Removes itching, resolves swelling and sterilizes. By virtue of its processing method, the herbal extracts are effectively released from the plants and captured by the liquid base. This method of processing ensures stability and potency of the concentrated bio-actives. This is one of the factor for its rapid effect on fungal infection. Many homeopathic medicines use this method of preparation. The herbs are placed in a cauldron and kept for 3 weeks for steeping before filtering the liquid.

This lotion is also effective on damp heat eczema. These are characterized by raised, red pustules which sometimes exude liquid or appear damp. 


[ Ingredients ]

1. Ku Shen 2. Huang Bai 3. Bing Pian 4. Sher Chuang Zi 5. Qing Pian

[ Indications ]

1. Fungal rashes at the head, hand, feet, groin.
2. Eczema lesions which are characterized by damp, raised pustules

[ Administration ]

Apply on affected parts 2 times a day. Allow the tincture to be absorbed into the skin. Continue the treatment until the problem is eliminated. Result can be seen in a few hours.

Eczema cure" I have just placed another order but thought I would give you some information on my condition. I have said before to you how grateful I am for the eczema tincture that you originally sent me as a trial pack. It has been the breakthrough in my case. I promised you photos that you can use for your promotions.  I attach some j(p)egs for you. I put no restriction on how you use them. I would add that I didn't modify my diet, this is all down to the product. The scales on and in my ears disappeared within a week and haven't returned. I used to get sudden drying and cracking on my eyelids and whilst it may not be recommended, I carefully used the tincture on my eye lids. Cured and no return. My shoulders had an "orange-peel" appearance and feel. Gone within 2 weeks.



My back has been clear for some time, I still purchase because the lesions on my hips, stomach and knee have been more resistant, but they are slowly going. My advice to users is not to worry if there is much stinging sometimes when using the tincture, to me it shows it is working and don't stop using. I think the Tibetan ointment is useful to use alongside the tincture, but my strong feeling is that it is the tincture that has been the magic formula. The ointment alone allows the return of the problem after a few days once I stop applying.  I am eternally grateful for such a brilliant product to cure my embarassing and annoying condition. With other products it has always returned. "