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Radix Anglicae Dahuricae skin whitening and moisturizing powder
Used both internally and externally

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180 grams

This herb, as explained in the Chinese medicine compendium is used extensively to lighten the skin, as well as lighten and prevent melasma. It also moisturises from within and keeps the skin looking young. Other important actions include clearing heat and toxins, dissipating nodules, stimulating circulation of qi and blood, nourishing skin yin and strengthening skin qi.

The use of herbs to preserve beauty has a long tradition in China. This herb is also mixed with water to form a light mask.

This herb is part of the repertoire of natural Chinese skin care range. It is used early in a woman's life as prevention is much easier than cure. Such philosophy has enabled many women to possess beautiful complexion throughout their lives.

Women everywhere give top priority to skincare in their daily beauty regime. And as the body's largest organ, the skin deserves special attention. Chinese beauties of yester-millenia practiced aromatherapy, applied organic facial masks and took herbal remedies in efforts to maintain their flawless complexions. Judging from historical descriptions of the legendary beauties Empress Wu Zetian and the Tang concubine Yang Guifei, their efforts paid off.    Zhang Lihua, renowned beauty and concubine of Chen Shubao (553-604), last Southern Dynasties Emperor, compiled the earliest recorded imperial skincare recipe. Zhang preserved her striking good looks with the help of a facial cream made from egg-white and powdered vermilion. It was concocted by pricking a hole in an egg big enough to extract the yolk, pouring powdered vermilion into the egg white and sealing the hole with wax. The egg was then replaced inside the hen's womb and left to incubate with the coming clutch. The cream that congealed inside the sealed egg reportedly whitened and smoothed the complexion.

[ Usage ]

Mix a teaspoon of powder (about 5 grams) and mix with water or milk, add honey to taste.

As a face mask, green bean powder can be added to the angelicae powder, mix with some milk or water to form a paste. Spread over the entire face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with water.

[ Ingredients ]

Finely ground Anglicae dahuricae 100%