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Zhongzhou medicated ointment
[ PRC Confidential Invention Code: ZL-87105110.9 ] [  State Approval Code: H53021786  ]

Zhongzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd China

Zhongzhou Rosacea cream

Zhongzhou ointment - an alchemy of Zinc and Shlphur. Zinc oxide can astinge and protect the skin. Sulphur can soften the epidermia, accelerate keratolysis and kill microbial, fungus, acarus, etc. This ointment has been thoroughly clinically tested and proven capable of killing demodex mites and bacteria, alleviating the symptoms associated with demodecidosis like acne, demodectic rosacea, thickened skin, brandy nose, itching face etc., relieving inflammation, and restoring moisture to the skin. After completing the treatment, the skin on the face will appear to be smooth, soft and healthy. This ointment is also indicated for steroid induced rosacea and sebaceaous dermatitis. The Zhongzhou ointment has a much higher killing rate then unprepared sulphur without the danger of burning the skin.

Sulphur is a mineral present in every cell in the human body, with its greatest concentration in hair, skin and nails. It has often been called the beauty mineral and the healing mineral because of its ability to promote circulation and decrease inflammation. Sulphur have been shown to reduce the increased sebum production will ridding the skin of itchy scales. Sublimated suphur not only acts as an insecticide but also aids in the regeneration of healthy skin cells affected by various parasitic rashes and infections. 

The idea of using sulfur in medical practices is an ancient one, spread throughout much of the ancient world, from Rome and the Middle East to Celtic and Druid Britain. Also called brimstone by ancient people, sulfur was an antiseptic and disinfecting agent, burned to cleanse a body or environment of impurities. One example of the ancient belief in the cleansing power of sulfur is in the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, in which God rained sulfur from the sky to cleanse the impure and sinful cities.

In TCM, Sulphur isexpertly blended with other medicinal components to produce a synergistic final product.

[ Ingredients ]

1. Zinc oxide,Sublimed sulfur, Menthol, Boric acid 2%
2. Salicylic acid 0.5%
3. Dimethiconum Composite
4. And 3 more secret herbal ingredients ( PRC Confidential Invention Code: ZL-87105110.9 )

[ Instructions ]

  1. Before application, wash the face and hands with warm water and a neutral soap to cleanse it. Wipe the face dry, apply a small amount of ointment with a finger and gently rub it in. The most important application is in the evening.

  2. No vanishing cream or any other cosmetics may be used after washing your face or applying the cream.

  3. While using the ointment externally, the user can take 5-10 mg of vitamin B² (riboflavin) 3 times a day at the same time. Use the ointment strictly as advised by the doctor and without interruption, even if the inflammation of the bruised skin has completely vanished after 3-4 weeks of treatment (or healed clinically). The course of treatment (60-80 days for the shallow type or the long demodex, and 90-120 days for the deep type or the short demodex) must be carried through to the end in order to optimize the medical effect.

  4. It is only by exterminating the demodex that can we eliminate the cause of the disease. If you have access to facilities to test for the presence of the demodex, do it regularly until the tests are negative. This is the measure of complete healing.

  5. This cream does not produce any poisonous side effects to the human body, nor is it drug-fast. It can also be used as a preventative by healthy people with few demodex. The application of the cream will kill the demodex before they spread into a disease state.

  6. Never use the Zhongzhou ointment and other ointments at the same time.

  7. This cream can only be applied externally, oral medication is not permitted. 

  8. This cream has sun block properties of SPF15, making it suitable for day use. Storage: Seal it airtight, do not expose to light and keep it in places under 20º C.

[ Ingredients ]

The Zhongzhou Medical Ointment is a mixture from Western and Chinese medicine and is protected by a secret Chinese state patent. It does not produces any side effects nor it is drug-fast, it contains no harmful substances such as pesticides, lead, benzene, mercury, hormones etc. It  demonstrates no toxic and deleterious effects in a longer period of application.  Each genuine Zhongzhou ointment has an individual number allocated and stamped inside the box.

Zhongzhou ointment