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TCM Hair Growth Shampoo (formerly 101)
Shampoo for better colour and growth

Zhongshan Laidy Chemicals Co. Ltd

Natural herbal shampoo (formerly known as 101 herbal shampoo) is based off a traditional formula to treat common problems of the hair and scalp. It is formulated with good quality herbs such as Multiflower, Gastrodia, Angelica, etc., based on the prescription of the famous hair tonic 101. It is effective in promoting blood circulation of the scalp and hair growth, preventing hair thinning and premature greying. An ideal shampoo for keeping hair darker, softer and youthful.

Below is the older label. It was known as '101 Herbal Shampoo'. Please note the new label above.

Using damaging shampoos may gradually erode the vitality of the hair follicles, resulting in limp, lacklustre hair. Over the long term of daily washing, intermittent hair loss may result.

Using herbs to cleanse and fortify the hair is not new. In Indonesia, villagers use burnt paddy stalks and soak them into water as shampoo. This practice continues till today, albeit in villages and top end spas. This practice is prevalent in older generations where there are less off the shelf convenient shampoos. While convenient and often relatively cheap, these synethetic shampoos cause more harm than good over the long term.

[ Ingredients ]

1. Polygonum Multiflower Thunb 50%
2. Gastrodia Elata Bl. 15%
3. Ligusticum Chuanxiong Hort. 15%
4. Ginseng 10%
5. Angelica Dahurica 10%

[ Usage ]

Use daily or as often as required.