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Seven treasures hair growth elixir
Polygonum hair nourishing tablets for hair growth and colour depth

Tong Jum Chew [ GMP certified ]
500 tablets

Hair Elixir 

The Chinese name of this formula is translated as 'Shou Wu Ren Fa Pian', also known as the Seven Treasures Hair Elixir. This is thus named due to the use of the 7 precious herbs. This formula follows in strict accordance to the presription in Formulas and Strategies (17) as "Seven-Treasure Special Pill for Beautiful Whiskers." The prescription is attributed to a master herbalist of the Ming Dynasty, Shao Yingjie, but it was recorded by Wang An, in his book Yifang Jijie during the early Qing Dynasty (1682 A.D.). By that time, the formula had become quite popular. Read more

Polygonum Nourish Hair Tablets is based on an ancient Chinese herbal formula and are commonly used to prevent graying and loss of hair and beard caused by the deficiency of liver and kidney. The product can relieve the symptoms of hair turning white at early age, hair loss, loose teeth, spontaneous emission, weakness and soreness of back and knees, vertigo and tinnitus.

[ How does it work ]

The Kidney stores essence which can transform into Blood to nourish the hair. Sufficient essence will produce enough Blood to nourish the hair and thus the hair will be black and shiny. So, it is said that the Kidneys have specific manifestations on the hair. You will notice that when a person ages, both the hair and the kidneys loses its vitality. The vitality of hair comes from the kidney, while its nourishment depends on the Blood. In the young and middle aged, the hair is usually lustrous and bright as the Kidney essence and Blood are exuberant, while in the aged, it often turns grey and falls as a result of a decline of the essence and the Blood. Clinically, withering of hair or grey-turning or fall of hair are mostly caused by the Deficiency of the Kidney essence and Deficiency of Blood.

As the rhythm of the modern life is becoming quicker and quicker, people are consuming excessively their energy, both physical and mental. Some study shows that men, specially the married men from 20 to 60 in China may frequently and in different degrees feel fatigue, exhausted, chilly cold in limbs, aching and weak in the loins and knees; the more serous cases are loose stool and loose stool and lack of appetite, deficiency of qi and disinclination to speak, thin and whitish fur, sunken and weak pulse, coldness in penis, cold semen and lingering diarrhea. The above symptoms can seriously affect people's daily work and study and cast a shadow over people's normal life. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, impotence is mainly caused by the declination of the fire from the vital gate. The loins are the home of the kidney.

A weak kidney cannot warm and nourish the loins and knees. The kidney stores the essence of life. Deficiency of the kidney-yang causes exhaustion of the vital gate and impotence. The kidney-yang is the body of the heart-yang. The deficiency of the heart-and kidney-yang causes exhaustion of vitality. The spleen's failure in transforming the nutrients to the four limbs may cause deficiency of the vital gate, and the limbs. To treat the above symptoms, it is necessary to nourish the kidney and strengthen yang, replenish qi and invigorate the spleen.

Here, essence, we mean the basic substance constituting the human body and maintaining its life activities. The essence has two meanings: in broad sense, it refers to the refined parts of any substances which have a strong nourishing effect, such as Qi, Blood, Body Fluid and the food essence absorbed from food; in a narrow sense, it indicates reproductive essence, including the productive essence inherited from parents.

So, both essence is generally referred as the Qi of the Kidney, which can be classified as two components in accordance to their different sources, the cogenital essence and the acquired essence after birth. Although they come from different sources, these two kinds of essence coexist in the Kidney and depend on and supplement each other.

[ Hearing ]

The ear is an auditory organ and whether the hearing is good or not is closely related to the vicissitude of the Kidney essence, so it is considered that the ear is the orifice of the Kidney. Sufficiency of the Kidney essence will ensure the well nourishment of the brain and thus, the hearing is good. In the aged, the Kidney essence naturally becomes less, so their hearing is usually poor. Clinically, changes in hearing may be a sign of vicissitude of the Kidney essence.

[ Genitals ]

The external genital is the organ controlling urination and reproductive activity, while the anus is where the faeces are discharged. Although discharge of urine is the function of the Bladder, it depends on the steaming effect of the Kidney to be performed, and the reproductive activity of the human body is also controlled by the Kidney. Thus, a vitalized Kidney leads to vigor and youth.

[ Brain ]

Marrow can be divided into 3 kinds: the bone marrow, the spinal marrow and the brain marrow, all of which are produced by the kidney. Sufficiency of the kidney essence will ensure the well nourishment of the brain. The spinal marrow communicates with the brain upwards to meet there to form the brain marrow, hence the saying that the brain is the sea of marrow. When the essence Qi of the kidney is sufficient, the 'sea of marrow' will be well nourished. The brain will be well developed and the brain will be well developed and one is full of energy, strenuous and flexible in movements, has a good vision and hearing and a quick mind.

[ Functions ]

Nourishing Kidneys and primordial energy, darkening the hair and beard, for cases of deficiency of qi and body, weak due to renal deficiency. For deficiency of liver and kidneys, white hair or beard in early age, emission, night sweat, vertigo, loose teeth, tinnitus, aching of the back and loins.

Other benefits: Treatment for loose gums (where the tooth/teeth feels loose) as well as pain and ache along the waist.

[ Ingredients ]

Hair Elixir

Herbal compress in tablet form. For illustration only. Colour may be different.

Each 450 mg tablet contains extracts equivalent to raw herbs:

1. Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata 400mg
2. Radix Achyranthis Bidante 100mg
3. Fructus Psoralea 50mg
4. Poria 100mg
5. Semen Cuscutae 100mg
6. Radix Angelicae Sinensis 100mg
7. Fructus Lycii 100mg

[ Application ]

Taken orally with water. 3 times a day, 4 tablets each time. 

[ Indications ]

For preventing hair loss, to stimulate hair growth, to make it thick and glossy.

[ Post pregnancy hair loss ]

Post pregnancy hair loss often occurs 7-9 months after delivery. The hair will also appear sparse with receding hairline and expanding harline.

* Reason 1

The hair will appear to be most beautiful and healthy during pregnancy. This is due to the extra hormonal activities in the body. After delivery, these activities will slow and finally revert to pre-pregnancy levels. This will lead to a deterioration of the quality of the hair.

* Reason 2

The quality of the hair is closely connected to the state of mind. The multiple pressures facing a new mother may be too overwhelming for her to resolve, leading to a drastic impingement on her mental state. Depression, lack of sleep and anxiety can lead to the retardation of blood flow to the scalp, leaving the scalp starved of energy and nutrients.

* Reason 3

The nutritional needs of the new mother may be neglected. The various important nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, proteins, etc are taken in sufficient quantities or sufficiently absorbed. The digestive system may be impaired or not functioning optimally, leading to strain being placed on the body to produce healthy hair.

Around 20% of post pregnancy excessive hair loss cases is hereditary.