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Traditional Leech Method to Strengthen and Enlarge the Penis
Ibu Lani premium leech oil


West Java, Indonesia

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Ibu Lani's premium leech oil is made especially by a family (Mother Lani) in West Java, Indonesia. The leeches are fed with a special substances before being processed. Only massive wild caught adult buffalo leeches (Hirudinaria) are used in this special concoction. Occasionally, Ibu Lani will mix both the buffaloe and tiger leech oil together. This oil, with Galangal, is also used to massage the limbs when blood circulation is retarded or blocked, eg. gout, bruises, etc. Ibu Lani's oil is the only leech oil formulated with Butea Superba, a tuberous root found only in Northern Thailand.

Colour of oil varies from light green to brownish. The base of this oil is made from Sesame seed. Ibu Lani's oils are made to a high standard of hygiene. A bottle lasts for about a month.

How different is the native oil from the other oils we carry? Take cordyceps for example, the farm harvested variety is much more affordable than the wild variety, which cost up to 50 times more, but some connoisseurs still prefer the wild variety as they believe that some active elements are not found in the farm variety.

Another potent natural herb in Ibu Lani's oil is Butea Superba. This tuberous root contains natural flavonoids and flavonid glycosine with a high genital vasodilation effect via the production of nitric oxide to promote sexual function, sensitivity, and performance.  Used in the oil, it helps to increase sexual function and erectile capacity.

Some customers prefer wild caught leeches over farm harvested leeches due to the belief that wild grown leeches are exposed to tough natural condition sand are therefore metabolically more potent. Ibu Lani's oils are characterized by how thick the penis and the veins are during the massage. The penis will feel warmer and blood circulation is increased. The user will also notice that the penis is also lengthened during its flaccid state. The veins remain thick for some time after the massage. Pictures 1 and 2 below shows the effect after 5 minutes of massage. The last picture is a close up of the veins AFTER 3 weeks of daily use. Picture is of the same 45 year old customer.

leech oil pens veins beforeleech oil penis veins afteribu lani's penis

[ Picture of a veins network ]

penis veinsIbu Lani on the secret of safe penis enlargement: Tendons are the connective tissue that attach muscles to bone, and they play a very big part in penile erection as well as maintaining an erection. To illustrate, muscles grow in size when you lift weights (erecting), but tendons grow when muscles meet resistance but don’t’ move (when maintaining an erection). This is why bodybuilders, who take steroids to pump up their muscles, often rupture tendons by doing simple activities such as climbing stairs, because while the size of their muscles grew, the strength in their tendons did not, leaving them weak in proportion to the activity being performed and resulting in injury. Tendons are often compared to acting like strong rubber bands for muscles (which forms a large part of a penis); and, therein lies a very important clue as to how to develop a powerful penis. Ibu Lani often stress that the tendons and veins must grow in size and strength before the muscles of the penis can grow. It is useless to have a large limp mass that cannot hold a hard erection. As the veins grow in size, more blood and nutrients are supplied to the muscles and tendons to build up its strength and size. This is the safest method to increase (the size) of your organ.





[ Directions ]

Massage instructions included. Contains enzymes of Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches). Modern medicine uses Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches) to treat blood clotting for skin grafts. Another lesser known of the leech is the strengthening and enlargement of the male organ. The original formula was developed by the Javanese community.

For hundred of years the native man of Malaya/Java - the elite and adepts who usually keep 4 wives - have been using a special ointment to care for their penis and maintain its virility.

This traditional method and remedy have a striking similarity with the practice of desert Arab men known for their sexual prowess as explained in Sir R F Burton's translation of Sheikh Umar el-Nefzawi book entitled "Rawd at-Tirr" or in English, The Perfumed Garden. In chapter 17 of this classical Tunisian-Arab sex-journal of the 16th century, it expounded on how the penis can be made bigger and stronger with this massage oil:

" Prescriptions for Increasing the Dimensions of Small Members and for Making Them Splendid ....a fourth remedy is based upon the use made of leeches (Hirudo Medicinalis) but only of such as live in water (sic). You put as many of them into a bottle as can be got in and fill it up with oil. Then expose the bottle to the sun until the heat of the same has effected a complete mixture. With the fluid thus obtained, the member is to be rubbed several consecutive days and it will, by being thus treated, become of a good size and of full dimensions. The efficacy of all these remedies is well known and I have tested them."

The original Javanese recipe differs from that mentioned in Karma Sutra. The original Javanese recipe indicates that the leech and other herbs must be cooked inside fresh green coconuts and boiled over charcoals. This concoction eventually becomes a concentrated oil which is dark and thick. Masters of the art of penile enhancement have dwindled greatly in Indonesia. Original formulas have passed to descendents.

Much more highly guarded are the mantras which are used to psychically enlarge the organ during the use of the oils. The good oils that we carry will leave behind a film of oil to protect your instrument from the cold of the environment. Coldness can penetrate the penis to render it weak. This is especially true when a man takes a shower, a swim or leaving the penis wet after sex.

You should see some permanent increase in around 40 days. After 40 days, the gains will be reduced by about 20%. The treatment should be continued for another 1-2 cycles to further the gains until the optimum size is reached (which varies from man to man) and thereafter the gains will be permanent.

Dear Peggy, I received the order yesterday, and am pleased with my purchase. Everything that your shop claims about these items are true! I will be placing another order in the near future. ( ....) Hooray for the Jamu Shop!

Sincerely, D. G.


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 i ordered ibu lani premium leech oil and special blend leech oil from jamushop on 1 st week of sep   RC951142308SG and i was surprised that i got my items today just about 2 weeks.....its way faster international shipping and both oil are high quality ..even after massaging first time my penis has become fuller and thicker even in flaccid state.....willing to order again..please provide details if u have any discount offer or quote i am going to refer your shop to my friends as well.Excited to hear from u

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Hi Jac, Is from your web "i ordered ibu lani premium leech oil and special blend leech oil from jamushop on 1 st week of sep   RC951142308SG and i was surprised that i got my items today just about 2 weeks .....its way faster international shipping and both oil are high quality ..even after massaging first time my penis has become fuller and thicker even in flaccid state... ..willing to order again..please provide details if u have any discount offer or quote i am going to refer your shop to my friends as well.Excited to hear from u "

Best regards, T.N.


Hello I have purchased your Leech Oil and thought it was a great product and was wondering if you do bulk pricing? I really love the product and would enjoy to use it all the time buy the price is rather high per item. Can you do lower prices if I buy more of them?


Please note that once a man reaches 60 years old, the penis, like other muscle parts start to loose mass. Continued use of this natural oil helps to maintain muscle mass. Maintenance use need not be daily. Once every 2-3 days is sufficient. The oil is not only for size gain but for the protection of the organ from deterioration.

'Conquer your woman in bed and you conquer her in life' - Old Javanese saying.

It is not just about the size of the penis but its virility, such as how fast to get an erection, how long it sustains, how hard it can hold and the rate of recovery. If only size is desired, any hand pump can mechanically achieve a bloated appearance of the penis.




[ Important facts ]

As there are many penis enlargement aids in the market, it is important to distinguish the difference between a large but limp penis and a hard muscular penis supported by strengthened tendons. As a man ages, the tendons supporting the muscle structure begin to weaken, thus retarding the sexual performance and satisfaction of the couple. The leech massage oil strengthens both the tendons, blood vessels and the tendons of the genitalia.

The Ibu Lani leech oil is Incredible. Thank  you for sending the delivery with peace I got it Friday and started using it and already seeing a difference in girth and length I can't wait to finish off the rest of the week and see more results thank you!!!

Only genuine medicinal leeches our used in our oils. Generous amount of its expensive essence is used to create an effective leech oil. No other synthetic chemicals are used. Genuine roasted buffaloe leech:

leech oil

Mechanical penis enlargement devices temporary swell the blood vessels to give an appearance of enlargement, the initial result can be impressive, especially with oral medication. But over the long term, it damages the intricate circulatory network of the genitalia.

penis leech oilPenis enlargement and strengthening requires effort. It requires regular oil massage. A few minutes a day is sufficient. Health and peak physical performance should not be taken for granted. When massaging, make sure to massage until the supporting veins have enlarged (see pic left)

Result is permanent but maintenance is necessary. Many would like to believe that there are magical potions or contraptions that will allow them to achieve impressive gains without some work. Men of past generations are practical people. The body is their temple, they work, eat and play through the body; it is their tool for day to day survival. They recognise that as the body ages, muscles degenerate, veins tighten and tendons loosen. They know that regular upkeep of the body is necessary. The same goes with the most wondrous tool of all, the penis. Today, even the most talented bodybuilder knows that regular workouts and good nutrition is important to maintain his physique. This will ensure that the gains he made earlier can be sustained throughout his life. Here, the oil is that nutrition and the massage techniques the workout program. This oil is also used by martial artists to strength the hands and feet for physical combat. 

[ Ingredients ]

1. Leech essence 8g
2. Nigella Sativa 2g
3. Kaempferia Galanga 2g
4. Butea Superba 4g
4. Gingelly oil 30ml

Note: This oil is made from 100% natural oils and fats which congeals in a cool climate. Should this happens, please warm up the warm in a bowl of hot water (not boiling), or depending on the state of solidification, warm it up between your palms, etc.

[ Why massage? ]

Please note that our oils should not be used as masturbation aids. Their main purpose is to strengthen the sexual function of the man and should be used as such.

Massage, as compared to other mechanical means of enlarging and strengthening the penis, is safe, permanent and reliable. Mechanical methods, including the use of pumps can cause damage to the veins. There are many veins which normally return blood from the sex organ to the heart, have one way valves that are located throughout their length to prevent blood from flowing backwards (reflux). When these valves become faulty or damaged, the blood begins to flow in both directions instead, thereby causing pooling of blood around the penis.

In addition to the massaging the visible veins on the penis, emphasis should also be made to these areas. Dab more oils to these areas: the ring just below the penis head (1,2,3) and the base of the penis (4,5,6) and finally massage upwards until the navel area.

leech oil