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Scar cream with Medicinal Snake Fats
Scar cream formulated with snake fats to soften and fade keloids, stretch marks and other scars

Guangshou Healthcare products Co Ltd
60 gram

[ Indications ]

The Ba Hen Ling cream uses a blend of snake fats and and TCM ingredients. Of particular importance is the snake oil(fats). The fact that snakes shed their skin has suggested that they have a regenerative quality for treating chronic skin problems. Formulated to treat hyperplastic plump scar, scar lump, the secondary scar caused by operation, amputation, burn, breast operation , restricted activities caused by the scars, contractions such as Dupuytren's contraction and wounded tendon contraction, and scar straitness. The silicone gel + snake oil cream is transparent when applied and is strong anti-itch properties. Suitable for those with dry, itch skin. This cream is non-greasy. This special blend cream is used to alleviate:

1. Keloid - Hypertrophic scars
2. Surgery scars Accidental Scars
3. Pregnancy scars
4. Burn scars
5. Stretch Mark scars
6. Raised Acne scars
7. Breast implant & reduction scars
8. Tattoo Removal & Body Piercing scars

The Ba Hen Ling exhibits positive softening of keloids and stubborn raised scars. Colour of cream is white but is transparent upon application. Unlike typical silicone scar treatments, Ba Hen Ling does not use bulky, awkward sheets of silicone, but rather allows users to place a small amount of the cream directly on the scar.After just a few minutes of applying the cream, the cream will absorb and any excess can be dabbed off the area (may not fully dry), which will allow the user to go about their normal day without worrying if anyone will notice that they are using a scar treatment. In addition, the user may apply make-up on top of the treated scar without affecting the effectiveness of Ba Hen Ling.

A customer, who is keloid prone, had developed some cystic acne around the left jawline. The acne appears to have subsided but in place are a few hard lumps. His concern is whether the lumps are emerging keloids. They have remained the same size for about 3 weeks.

'I tried almost every kind of acne creams you can think of but the lumps are still there, it would be very devastating if these turn out to be keloids. It suddenly occurred to me to use the snake fats cream and it helped! The lumps started to soften in about a day and had reduced in size by more than 80% the next day. If this continues, I will be saved. I cannot afford another keloid on my face. If you share this with other customers, that may help them: as soon as the acne heals, quickly use the snake fats cream to prevent the lumps from becoming keloids. Don't wait. If it doesn't work, move on to others that work.'

[ Ingredients ]

1. 鸦胆子 Fructus Bruceae
2. 桃仁 Semen persicae
3. 蛇胆 Snake fats
4. Vitamin E
5. 冰片 Borneol

[ Application ]

A little cream is applied and gently massaged into the scar for a 1-2 minutes, once or twice a day.