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Beauty and sexual elixir
Achenese jamu formula for the mature woman

PT. Tenaga Tani Farma
100 pills
POM TR. No. TR 792408561
Aceh / Indonesia

Beydary jamuBeydary jamu

Suitable for women after delivery to maintain her health and feminity. People in the past depended on herbs and plants for health and an unfettered life without chemical drugs. The ancetral Javanese created bitter concoctions, as medicine, for themselves and their families. It is called Jamu Godog in Javanese. ‘Jamu’ means tonic which is made of medicinal herbs. ‘Godog’ means boiling. It also means self treatment. Drinking Jamu is an old tradition for the Javanese. The ancestoral formulas are made up of leaves, roots, trunk and many things that come from the nature.

Modern production has made them available in easy to use packages. Many people who drink Jamu Godog say that they are getting better after drinking Jamu. They believe that medicines from Nature is better than anything produced in a lab. The Javanese motto is: “Our roots are our strength.  It is for us to respect our bodies through the power of Nature.”

[ Indications ]

Reduce menstrual pains Relieves abodiminal and back soreness Reduces vaginal discharges/odors Treats woman’s problems Maintains woman’s health

[ Ingredients ] 

Each pill contains: Galiae Fructus 125,00 mg Catechu 112,50 mg Jatropae Folium 6,25 mg Aglacae Folium 6,25 mg

[ Directions ]

 Take regularly 2 pills three times daily with a glass of warm water. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

 [ Contraindications ]

Not to be taken by pregnant women.

[ DepKes RI number ]

In the interest of safety, the government of Indonesa advises that only those brands of jamu carrying the Indonesian Food and Drug Control Directorate (the DepKes RI Number) on the packet should be consumed. (DepKes is the acronym for the Departmen Kesehatan te Department of Health and RI stands for Republic of Indonesia) These registration numbers (issued also by the Departmen Kesehatan) must, by law, be printed on every bottle or packet. The number is issued only after the product has been tested by government laboratories and met a stringent set of requirements. If the name of the jamu changes after registration, the whole process must be repeated.