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Jamu Kukubima (Nail of God) Mens' Tonic
Traditional herbal supplement to cope with modern man's sexual problems.

PT Sido Muncul
40 capsules in 2 boxes
Depkes RI. No. TR. 961375162

kukubima jamu

Jamu kukubimaKuku Bima TL is a special formula to overcome almost all of man's sexual problems.

The ingredients are natural and empirically has a history of its efficacy to increase sex drive, improve the energy for erection and protect the case of premature ejaculation. It is also a prosexual nutrient for the sexually active man to safeguard his sexual health.

Key aphrodisiac ingredient: The seahorse is the only animal in the world which reproduces from the male of the species. The female produces the eggs and transfers them to the male's brood pouch which fertilises and incubates them before giving birth. Over the centuries and still today, it is highly regarded for its 'powerful masculine’ stimulant qualities.

kukubima jamu

The difference between synthetic aphrodisiac products and traditional strengthening formulas is that the former forces the body to use its own source of energy while the latter provides the energy for sex, at the same time safeguarding the body's primal energy source. This prevents excessive drainage of sexual energy. Over-use of sexual energy damages the body's energy source, the kidneys, in particular. To illustrate, forcing a car to go on an empty tank can only damage its mechanism further. Over time, the engine will need nothing less than on over haul to keep it in use. However, the body is not like an engine, an over haul is not possible in many cases.

Sex tonics are often not required but if the practice of sex is frequent or that the person has advanced beyond youthfulness, tonics are necessary as part of the healthy regime. Men with low testosterone levels often have fewer sexual thoughts, fantasies, interest in sex, and spontaneous morning erections. Also, they have a higher incidence of depression, poor concentration and fatigue. Supplements can improve these problems and bring about sexual and mental benefits.

jamu kukubima tribulusKukubima, being a sexual tonic also makes use of the Tribulus Terestris. This herb, also known as puncture vine, is a plant that few have heard of. Despite this, it is used in many parts of the world to treat various medical conditions. The plant that gives us this herb is native to parts of tropical Europe, Asia, Australia and also the tropical areas of Africa. Although there has been little research as to how the herb interacts with the male human body, its use over hundreds of years has proven one thing: that it helps increase production of testosterone.

Tests that have been conducted in both normal and castrated mice have shown that Tribulus Terrestris (TT) is effective as a libido booster. Two groups of mice, both which included the normal and the castrated were involved in the experiment. The first group was given water that contained TT while the other was given a placebo. The mice that were on TT became more sexually active. This included both the normal and castrated mice. The group that was given the placebo showed no changes in libido.  That said, research on whether this herb improves muscle mass remains inconclusive. One study in Australia had rugby players in two groups. One took TT and the other did not. Both groups did similar exercise for 5 weeks. The muscle mass in both was the same at the end of the trial period. An interesting factor about TT is that it has been shown to increase libido in females as well. Some studies have suggested that it works better than hormone therapy. Women who take it regain regular ovulation, they gain improved fertility, it can cause menopausal symptoms to disappear and they generally experience few or no mood swings.

Ginseng kukubima

The health promoting nature of ginseng as a natural adaptogen has been conformed in various clinical studies. It dilates the blood vessels and improves their elasticity, thereby promoting the erection of the penis.

  1. Another study mentioned that Panax ginseng may increase a man's total sperm count count and improve their motility.

  2. Eurycomae Radix has an effect to stimulate a man's motoric nerves in the pelvic region, thereby sustaining virility and preventing premature ejaculation.

  3. Hippocampus, empirically used to cope with male sexual problems and has a long acting effect.

  4. Zingiberiz Rhizoma contains gingerol and shogaol which has an effect to relieve pain at the joints and to heal fatigueability.

[ Indications ]

Overcomes sexual problems ie:

  1. premature ejaculation

  2. erectile dysfunction

The Kukubima also:

  1. Improves sexual energy and vitality

  2. Increaes stamina and bodily defence

  3. Improve sperm quality

  4. Healing back pain and fatigueability

[ Ingredients ]

Each dosage containing:

  1. Tribulus Terestris 300mg

  2. Hippocampus (seahorse) 8mg

  3. Panax Ginseng 40mg

  4. Eurycomae Radix 25mg

  5. Kaempferiae Rhizoma 10mg

  6. Zingiberis Rhizoma

  7. Zingziberis Aromaticae Rhizoma

  8. Phyllanthi Herba

[ Contraindications ]

Not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus.

[ use ]

Take 2 capsules every night before bed for 2 to 3 weeeks. If necessary, 2 capsules every 2-3 days for maintenance.

[ Why seahorse? ]

A TCM book written by Li Shao Pin, (left) stated that seahorses are highly regarded and highly acclaimed in Chinese medical philosophy. A seahorse is a type of fish closely related to pipefishes and belonging to the scientific family Syngnathidae. It is a unique species in that the male becomes pregnant and gives birth to the offspring. seahorse and ginseng are warm in property and should be consumed by individuals who are not suffering from any heat related ailments.

Seahorses are known to contain natural testosterone and are used to cure a variety of aliments including sexual dysfunction such as impotence and infertility. Other ailments include respiratory disorders such as asthma, circulatory problems such as heart disease, kidney, liver disease, throat infections, skin ailments, general lethargy and pain.

Seahorse has potent curative properties in tonifying the Kidneys, fortifying the Yang energy and enriching the Blood. The seahorse is a panacea for most of man's ailments as well as his aging woes. Recent tests have noted that seahorse essence fed to mice prolonged the oestrus period and increased the weight of the uterus in normal female mice. It also gave emasculated mice an oestrus period.

In the distant past, this precious Chinese substance used to be the provenance of the rich and powerful. They are now popular health giving commodities in most Chinese homes. Farming of seahorses are gradually becoming more successful.

[ Properties ]

A. Enhances sexual vigour

Due to the aging process, stress and other factors, our sexual energy can diminish, resulting in unfulfilling and imbalanced family life.
Sexual energy is the function of an individual's health. Other factors that can cause a decline in sexual energy are:

1. Emotional imbalance
2. Long term illness
3. Evil cold attacking the kidneys
4. Insufficient sleep
5. Physical fatigue; excessive physical exertion
6. Inappropriate drug therapies
7. Insufficient nutrition
8. Invasive surgeries

B. Protects the kidneys

The ancient Chinese herbalists have long asserted that the kidneys is linked to sexual vigor. Individuals with weak kidneys age earlier, manifesting symptoms as back and waist pain, weak legs, fear of cold, white hair, loose or lost teeth, dark eye rings, short urinations, dizzy spells, indifferent sexual desire, long time infertility after marriage, insomnia and others.

[ What caused weak kidneys? ]

Weak kidney essence from birth, childhood malnutrition, excessive sex or over exertion through self-stimulation. These led to an excessive discharge of the kidney essence, damaging the kidneys.

[ Kidney essence manifesting as sperm ]

There is a strong relationship between the quality of sperm and sex. In general, sex consumes sperm and sperm is the foundation of sex. Sperm is the essence of life and is the basic building blocks of life. Sperm also has large quantities of nutrients that supports and sustains life. A single ejaculation from a healthy male can release up to 2 to 5 million of sperm cells. This requires a strong exertion of energy on the reproductive system.

Sperm multiplies on its own and can defend against diseases. In the ancient classic, 'Huang Di Nei Jing', it is mentioned that if the precious fluid is stored within, one can remain healthy and disease-free and if one's sperm essence is weak, its defense against diseases is greatly reduced. The ancients advised that this powerful life energy can be stored, transformed and used for the good of mankind through enhanced creativity, endurance and energy.

Sexual gratification should be held in abstinence and not be abused for the sake of temporal thrill, excitement or leisure. Excessive sex can result in fatigue in the body's system. Unrestrained use of sex toys or synthetic medication to enhance the experience can cause over-exertion on the mind and body. This will lead to chronic fatigue and diseases.

[ Reference ]

Tang,W.C.1987.Chinese medicinal materials from the sea. Abs Chinese Med.1, 571-600

[ DepKes RI number ]

In the interest of safety, the government of Indonesa advises that only those brands of jamu carrying the Indonesian Food and Drug Control Directorate (the DepKes RI Number) on the packet should be consumed. (DepKes is the acronym for the Departmen Kesehatan te Department of Health and RI stands for Republic of Indonesia) These registration numbers (issued also by the Departmen Kesehatan) must, by law, be printed on every bottle or packet. The number is issued only after the product has been tested by government laboratories and met a stringent set of requirements. If the name of the jamu changes after registration, the whole process must be repeated.