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Herbal feminine grip and cleansing powder
Safe, effective and natural treatment for that honeymoon sensation

Putro Kinasu
1 grams x 30 satchets
Dep.Keh.Haki : 487182

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Vaginal rejuvenation

Happiness in a family depends so much on the strength of love binding the two nuclear units - man and his wife.

Sepet Arum binds the man and his wife. It is a herbal blend traditionally used and kept secret by the royal courts of old.

This powder is used to entrance a man, especially on a woman's first nights. The man will usually be amazed with how he is drawn into the sexual power of his woman. He enjoys the helplessness and willingly submits Much like a child in the womb, drawing nutrients in the womb.

Sepet Arum sanitises, eliminates odors and discharges, tightens the vagina.

Sex with a loved one is a calculated experience for the Indonesian woman. She desires it to be an experience which the man will never, ever forget. The sexual experience then becomes embedded deep in the psyche of the man. It then becomes easy to arouse him at will. This assures her that she and only she can give her man the best sexual experience.

Sepet Arum tightens slack vagina muscles due to aging and excessive sex, enhances sensivity during sex and eliminate discharges and odors.

Such preparations before sex, over time, becomes a an irresistible ritual.

No side effects, no colouring, no poisons, no alcohol.

[ Use ]

Mix a satchet of the powder with some water into a paste, insert the paste into the vagina, roll finger around to spread the paste around the vagina. Allow the powder to dissolve in about 1-2 minutes and rinse off. Leave the paste longer inside the vagina if the offending conditions are more serious. Use 1-2 times a day.

[ Precaution ]

  1. Use according to the instructions given

  2. Not recommended for pregnant women

  3. The remaining mixture should not be reused. Use fresh from the container for every application

  4. Keep out of reach of children

[ Ingredients ]

These are precious and potent tropical herbs:

  1. Piperis Folium 0.25 gram

  2. Tinosporae Caulis 0.05 gram

  3. Parameriae Cortex 0.20 gram

  4. Aluminii Kalii Sulfas 0.50 grams