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Kuat Laki Laki Jamu
Promotes endurance and power for physical exertion

Jamu Nyonya Karsih
100 capsules of dried herbs
Depkes RI No. TR903353123

Jamu Kuat LakiJamu_Kuat_Laki

The ingredients of this Jamu Kuat Laki Laki (handsome, strong man) are natural and empirically has a history of its efficacy to increase sex drive, improve the energy for erection and protect the case of premature ejaculation. It is also a prosexual nutrient for the sexually active man to safeguard his sexual health.   This Jamu wlll raise the spirit and new energy of both old and young men alike.

Excellent for health maintenance and increasing the energy needed to maintain harmony between husband and wife. This Jamu will provide you with more endurance and vitality in sexual activities and physical labour alike. With this Jamu, your body is not damaged from regular sexual activities. Often, the body is not allowed to recover and recharge before the next episode of sexual activity, this drains the body of vital energy to repair itself.

Jamu capsules

[ Common problems with excessive sex without recovery ]

Some common issues with excessive sex are: After a long session with heavy thrusting, you could develop lower back pain. This can make any attempt at indulging in sexual intercourse virtually impossible.

Sexual intercourse increases the levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. This hormone, in turn, leads to hair loss as DHT is known to kill hair follicles and cause male pattern baldness.

Your immunity can be lowered as an effect of too much sex. The prostaglandin E-2 hormone is released into the blood stream during sex. This hormone can lead to the following problems when produced in excessive amounts – weakening immunity, damaged tissues, nervous and muscular pain and lack of sexual stimulation.

Indulging in sex several times a day will drain all your energy and leave you an exhausted feeling most of the time. During sexual activity, the body releases norepinephrine, epinephrine and cortisol which increase the heart rate and trigger the release of glucose in the blood. All this activity is tiring, especially when done frequently.

While the normal human being can withstand all sorts of sexual stimulation, the nerves may get a bit sore after an intense session.

Sex tonics are often not required but if the practice of sex is frequent or that the person has advanced beyond youthfulness, tonics are necessary as part of the healthy regime. Men with low testosterone levels often have fewer sexual thoughts, fantasies, interest in sex, and spontaneous morning erections. Also, they have a higher incidence of depression, poor concentration and fatigue.

Jamu supplements can improve these problems and bring about sexual and mental benefits. It is useful for elderly men.

 [ Ingredients ]

1. Ekstrak Kaempferiae Rhizoma 25mg
2. Ekstrakt Curcumae Aeruginosae Rhizoma 100mg
3. Ekstrak Piperis Nigri Fructus 100mg
4. Ekstrak Zingiberis Rhizoma 100mg
5. Ekstrak Eurycomae Radix 175mg

[ Indications ]

1. Enhances sexual endurance
2. Energizes and restores youthful vigor
3. Tightens muscles
4. Enhances recovery from physical and sexual exertion
5. Repairs the body after sexual or other physical exertion

[ Instructions ]

 4 capsules twice a day, morning and evening. For maintenance, the dosage can be reduced according to need.