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Tampcol - Siddha medicine hair tonic
Made from the herbal wisdom of old Siddha medicinal texts

Tamil Nadu Medicinal Plant Farms and Herbal Medicines Corporation (TAMPCOL)

Tampcol hair oil

[ Indications ]

Induces dark and thick hair growth. Improves blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles. Nourishes the hair root and scalp. Removes dandruff and scalp parasites. Provides intense coolness to the eyes. Helps luxuriant and shiny hair. Prevents hair falling and premature greying.

The formula and processing of this special hair tonic is based on Indian classical medicinal science as introduced by the Tamil Nadu Medicinal Plant Farms and Herbal Medicines Corporation (TAMPCOL).

The tonic is prepared strictly in accordance to the old Indian medicinal texts. Hair care is a problem in today's contemporary society. This is in part, due to the proliferation of synthetics in off the shelf hair products. Tampcol Herbal Hair Tonic, in contrast, is made entirely from plants. Henna, Hibiscus, Wedelia, Phyllanthus, Phyla, Aloe, Indigofera and Fenugreek are the main components of the formula. This is in addition to the other 25 plant compounds, mainly aromatic hair nurturing agents.

Tampcol Herbal Hair Tonic triggers dormant hair follicles and enhances hair shaft growth rate. Tampcol Herbal Hair Tonic nourishes the hair roots and prevents hair fall. Tampcol Herbal Hair Tonic removes infection of the scalp and including dandruff.  Tampcol Herbal Hair Tonic eradicates the othropod ectoparasites of the scalp and other parasites. Tampcol Herbal Hair Tonic retards and arrest premature greying and cools the eyes. Alternative medicine indicates the correlation between the eyes and the nerves of the head. Through the head, and vice versa, we can calm and rest the nerves of the eyes. This is to remove the stress and pressures that builds up within in the course of daily grind. Some customers have described the feeling as 'very relaxing', 'like having an ice pack' on the head.

You are assured of a healthier crown of hair - luscious, long and sumptuous. A healthier crown of hair enhances your charm, increases self confidence and promotes assertiveness. It not only makes you feel younger but makes you look younger and inspiring.

For best result, apply the tonic after bath, apply some tonic onto the scalp and gradually comb through the hair, making sure that the entire length of hair is exposed to the tonic.

This product was introduced in 1985 and it launched the Tampcol company into nationwide recognition

The Tampcol Corporation commenced its commercial activities in August 1985 with one product namely Herbal Hair Tonic (A Siddha Medicine) by producing and marketing in a small scale at Anna Hospital Campus, Chennai – 600 106. The spartan plastic packaging belies the herbal wisdom within. Produced from the heart by the Siddhis of Medicine.

[ Ingredients ]

This oil contains extracts of:

1. Indigofera Tinctoria
2. Wedelia Chinesis
3. Phyllanthus Niruri
4. Phyla Nodiflora
5. Lawsonia Inermis
6. Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis
7. Aloe Vera
8. in cocos nucifera base

[ Administration ]

For best results, apply Tampcol Herbal Hair Tonic after bath. Sprinkle some oil onto the hair and scalp and massage with the hands, this is followed by a thoroigh combing with a brush so that every hair is exposed to the oil. When combing long hair, start with the free end and disentagle gently. Then apply Tampcol Herbal Hair Tonic to the scalp and massage so that the skin of the scalp is exposed to the oil. Then comb from above so that the oil is applied to the entire length of the hair.

[ Editor's note ]

A new colleague has been having itchy scalp, with sporadic dandruff. There are also occasional pustular pimples on the scalp. He has been relying on tar shampoos to control the itching and flaking. The effect of the shampoos have been declining over the months. He tried the Siddha hair oil once and is quite impressed with the result. He mentioned that it immediately calms and cools his head, stops the itching. Over the next few days, nothing else was applied on the scalp except for the daily shampoo. He noticed that the itching has reduced by about 90%, dandruff and scalp pimples significantly reduced.

[ Siddha Medicine ]

Siddha medicinal system is one of the oldest systems of medicine on planet earth. It was developed by the famed Siddhars of South India. These Siddhars were said to be spiritually evolved beings who in their zeal to serve humanity developed this system, and it is a very dynamic one using herbs, minerals etc. The texts and manuscripts of this system is in Tamil, a language of rich literary heritage. Lack of translation into English and other languages resulted in this system being confined to Southern states of India. Efforts of the National Institute of Siddha to create an awareness of this system have started bearing fruit.

The basic philosophy of this system is akin to that of Ayurveda. It aims at re-establishing the lost harmony of vata, pitta and kapha in an individual. Hundreds of locally found herbs are used in making Siddha remedies which have been used to treat all sorts of diseases ranging from common cold to menstrual disorders to cancer.