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We are unable to continue with the phone-in service as many calls we have received are not directly related to the purchases on hand. These calls have taken so much of our time that we have decided to communicate via email instead. Communicating via email allows us to filter urgent and non-urgent enquiries. It also allows us time to confer with more knowledgeable colleagues to provide a more accurate response.

Please note that we do not ship specific items to some countries due to postal irregularities and Customs regulations. Payments for these will be refunded.

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Administration office: Wisma 76, 07th Floor, Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman 76, Slipi, Jakarta 11410, Indonesia (International dropshipper: Speedee Logistics, 200 Jalan Sultan, Textile Center, #03-17, Singapore 199018)


"The necessity of teaching mankind not to take drugs and medicines, is a duty incumbent upon all who know their uncertainty and injurious effects; and the time is not far distant when the drug system will be abandoned."

Charles Armbruster, M.D.