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Compound Pueraria Mirifica powder in capsules
Beauty secrets hidden in this root; revealed in fairer, softer skin and firmer breasts; pink nipples

Thanyaporn Herbs Co Ltd.
60 capsules
Samutprkan / Thailand

Thai pueraria berast supplement

Helps to maintain shape and health of breasts. An important and well known ingredient of this formula is the pueraria mirifica. Intake at a right dosage will support healthy female characteristics, bone structure, cardio - vascular system, breast and skin appearance in women and also health prostate function and keeps hair pattern in men. Women who are deficient in endogenous estrogen including menopausal women should supplement their nutritional intake with pueraria mirifica regularly to maintain vigor and beauty. Phyto-estrogen is produced by the body of the young female. When the body slows down making in producing these estrogens, as in menopause, they should not only be replaced, but also in natural quantities. Our formulation provides all these estrogens, in the normal proportions, to basically imitate what a woman's body produced before menopause.

[ Directions ]

Take 1 capsule daily, after breakfast.

[ Ingredients ]

1. Pueraria Mirifica powder
2. Others

It is a well known fact that women of Northern Thailand are not only well endowed but are also tall, with a well formed anatomy as well as good, fair skin. It was in recent years that scientists discovered that the diet of the Northern Thais is the main reason for their attractive womenfolk. The native herb, pueraria mirifica, a form of wild yam, is included in the diet of young girls as a supplement to help with their physical development. Pueraria is a form of plant based oestrogen to help with its deficiency. Real mirifica comes only from Thailand.

If intake at a right dosage will support healthy female characteristics, bone structure, cardio - vascular system, breast and skin appearance in women and also health prostate function and keeps hair pattern in men.

The crucial substances found in this rhizome are mostly phytoestrogens, such as miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, substances that have the highest estrogenic activity among the phytoestrogens but are contained in small amounts. Other important substances are isoflavones such as puerarin, puerarin-6-monoacetate, genistein, daidzein, and coumestrans such as coumestrol. Although Peuraria has lower estrogenic activity than miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, puerarin is a particular substance in Pueraria which is contained in high concentrations compared with miroestrol.

Local communities in Northern Thailand have used Pueraria Mirifica for well over one hundred years, specifically for its rejuvenating qualities. The belief in the rejuvenating properties of Pueraria Mirifica has been passing down from one generation to another and more recently through the publication by Luang Anusan Suntara.

In May 1931, Luang Anusan Suntara published a pamphlet on the subject of "Kwao Krua" describing different ways of preparing folk medicine using Pueraria Mirifica and the claims of its rejuvenating power. It is stated in the pamphlet that Pueraria Mirifica can:

1. Serve as an anti-wrinkle agent for aged and wrinkled skin
2. Darken white hair, and increase hair growth
3. Alleviated cataract problems
4. Help with memory loss Increase energy and vigor, more reflexive bodily movements
5. Increase blood circulation Increase appetite,
6. Alleviate sleep disorders

In 1932, Dr. A.F.G. Kerr, the Director of the Botanical Section of the Journal of the Siam Society, directed the attention of the scientific community to the fact that the tuberous roots of a Thai plant called "Kwao Krua", mistakenly identified then as Butea Superba, were considered to be of value as a rejuvenating drug. Dr. Kerr was the first to create international awareness of the rejuvenating qualities of this plant, which subsequently led to the isolation of a potent phyto-estrogen that is unique to this plant only and to the identification of the plant as Pueraria Mirifica in 1952.

Medicinal Plant Research Institute, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand; July 2000

Oestrogen dictates women characteristics. But for women over 35 years old, oestrogen decreases significantly, thus causing the following common problems:

1. Decrease in skin elasticity and firmness
2. Bust shrinkage, fat accumulation at the waist and abdomen
3. Declining energy
4. Decrease in libido
5. Menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia, and depression.
6. Prone to illness

[ Suggested dosage ]

We advocate doing what the original users of this herb do - consume the herb in its basic form. One advantage is that since the herb is not cooked, it retains its chemical structure. Although science has discovered that phyto-estrogens are what makes this herb effective, there are still many unknown chemicals in this herb that belie scientific analysis. These 'unknowns' can be just as vital.

1 capsule taken once a day, after breakfast.

[ About Thanyaporn ]

Thanyaporn Herbs Co.,Ltd was founded by a Thai family ,who have 25 years experience in Thai herb industry, whose wish is to develop varieties of Thai herbal products to be widely known and beneficial to consumers both in domestic and oversea markets. Since our herbal product is a health concern, freshness and hygiene is our golden rule.

We are the first Thai herbal tea manufacturer who add moisture and fungi protection to our herbal tea product which help preserve the product nutrition and long lasting. In addition, Our sophisticated raw material raw material selection process and high production standard make good reputation for our Thai herbal products among the herb lovers.              

Wish comes true by creativity and clear aim      

In year 1998, Thanyaporn Herbs became well known especially for their Thai herbal tea and 100 more items of capsuled herbal medicine. We decided to invest in a new modernized manufacturing line to cope with the unceasing demand and to assure our commitment to quality product. Further more, we were granted certificates of medicines and healthy tood manufacturing from the Thai Ministry of health.      

Continuous development ability      

To bring values of Thai herbs to benefit consumers, Thanyaporn Herbs not only taking good care of product quality by having experts watch closely at every production process but also promoting it's technical staffs in the continuous increasing of knowledge and expertise in herbs production to ensure the satisfaction of herb lovers toward the growing list of Thanyaporn Herb's products.