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Pure Thanaka beauty powder
Brightens and polishes skin

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35 grams x 2 bags

Thanaka bark powderThanaka powder

Thanaka is very low in toxicity and can therefore also be used by highly sensitive skin.  It can also be used for various other health and beauty treatments. Whether it is used as a medicine against stomach problems, as a prevention of Malaria or as a key ingredient in ayurvedic treatments Thanaka is a beauty and health all rounder. The Burmese has relied on this fine medicinal bark for generations.

Women, men and children apply thanaka to their faces, arms and legs for a variety of reasons. Thanaka is valued as a sunscreen and as a beauty product that keeps the skin cool, stops oiliness, tightens pores, improves the complexion and adds a pleasant, soft fragrance to the skin. Thanaka is also used as a medicinal product to treat acne, fungus, skin sores, measles, epilepsy, poisoning and fever.

Thanaka trees grow slowly and abundantly in central Myanmar’s dry zone. The tree can grow without a lot of water and varieties that grow on dry, rocky soil, blended with sand and laterite produce hard, thin bark that is durable and fragrant. The most famous areas for Thanaka production are Shwebo, in SagaingRegion, and around Shinmataung in Pakokku District, Magwe Region. Thanaka blocks 10-20 centimetres long from trees in the Shinmataungarea can cost up to 9,000 kyat (about US$9) in a Yangon market.

As well as being used for beauty and sun protection thanaka has a variety of medical uses. Thanaka for medicinal purposes is made by mixing thanaka paste with ingredients such as lemon, bark of lemon apple, roots and other herbs to produce a compound for smoothing the skin and removing fungal infections, acne and skin discolourations.

Note: Real 100% Thanaka powder is heavy. You can feel the difference in weight with similar bark powders.

[ How to use ]  

Thanaka Face Powder
Use a big powder brush to gently puff some Thanaka Powder over your face. Do this in a circular motions.  

Thanaka Face Mask
Mix a small spoon of Thanaka Powder with twice as much water until it forms a paste. Apply the paste evenly over your cleaned face. Leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Once the paste is starting to dry you can wash it off using lukewarm water. Mix Thanaka together with some lemon juice, honey and yogurt to achieve the best skin brightening results.  

Facial Cleansing Mix
Thanaka Powder with water and gently massage it over your skin. This will remove dirt particles, excess sebum and light calluses.